Jul 07

Budget Android Phones – We Have a Choice

Welcome to Budget Android Phones! If you are into the latest, feature-rich smartphones but without the high price, then we are on the same boat. This website is made for practical people like us.

Why should you choose budget smartphone brands? I’ll tell you why. I used to have poor impressions on cheap phones, especially those from China. I always thought people who bought them had poor taste and are wasting their money. And it was justified at that time. China phones really had poor quality a few years back. The hardware was fragile. The software, terrible. Those phones just do not have user-friendly operating systems. The OS frequently contain bugs too.

And then Android came. Its system is user-friendly and frequently updated, thus, every version that comes out is a greatly improved Android. This was the savior of all cheap phones. Because it had free-licensing, Chinese phone makers can afford to integrate it to their hardware. Now, even their hardware has improved i order to to accommodate Android. Several Chinese CPU chip makers, such as MediaTek, have designed new efficient processors customized to serve these lower-priced mobiles while giving them unique capabilities, for example, dual SIM.

I was intrigued by all this advancement so I tried buying a Chinese smartphone, Jiayu G2, online. At first, I was afraid I would be disappointed with the handset. But when I tried it, I was amazed. It had all the features of the famous smartphones at that time, and more. Dual SIM, 1GHz CPU, dual cameras with 8.0 megapixel rear camera, IPS screen – all for the price of below 140 US dollars. Now that’s great value. How’s the build quality? Well, as of this writing, I have been using my G2 for a year now and there had been no problems whatsoever.

With all that, my thoughts about budget China smartphones were never the same again. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of low quality phones around and we should be aware of that. With the help of some research, Budget Android Phones will show you the mobile phones worth purchasing. Let’s show the world we don’t have to buy those expensive mobiles that Apple or Samsung are putting in front of us. We always have a choice. In fact, a lot of choices!

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