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  1. zoshigo

    Hello Chris, I am willing to buy the smartphone Jiayu g4 turbo, with MT6589T 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. I am Italian, the product is not on sale here yet, I might recommend a Chinese website where you can buy this product online? thank you very much :)

    1. Kris

      Hi! Jiayu G4 Advanced is a great phone and only a few online shops have it on stock. Fortunately, it is available now at the online shop BangGood, but as of this moment only a few stocks are remaining. To visit their online shop, click here: Jiayu G4 Advanced.

  2. nikoleg777

    tell about delivery to Ukraine

    1. Kris

      Hello! You can choose registered airmail, EMS, or DHL to Ukraine. For more details about the shipping methods and costs, click on the links to the different online shops on my posts.

  3. Aeh

    Hi there!!!
    I want to know this phone support Line application?
    How much is it cost
    You ship to thailnd? And how long is it take for shipping ?
    In case if i order i have to pay for custom fee?

    1. Kris

      Hello! All phones featured in this website are unlocked and support line application for your local telecom network. The prices of the phones are displayed on the posts and you can click on the links provided there to visit the online shops I recommended. Those online shops have different prices for the phone itself and the shipping costs. Shipping to Thailand will vary from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the online shop and method of shipping you choose. You may have to pay customs fee. But you can ask the seller to declare your package with a lower price than the actual value to minimize customs tax.

  4. Alain

    Bonjour Kris,
    merci encore pour ce site très bien organisé.
    J’ai acheté un Cubot GT99 dont je suis content.
    J’ai 2 questions:
    – je cherche à acheter une seconde batterie, mais je ne trouve pas de site. As-tu une piste?
    – la caméra est donnée pour 11 millions de pixels, mais en réalité 5 est le maximum. Y a t il une astuce pour obtenir une meilleure définition.

    Bonne journée.

    1. Kris

      Bonjour Alain! Vous pouvez acheter des batteries addtional dans les magasins de téléphonie en ligne, j’ai recommandé dans mon site. Il suffit de cliquer sur les liens fournis pour visiter leurs sites Web. Pour améliorer les photos, vous pouvez télécharger des applications de la caméra comme Camera360 à partir de Google Play Store.


  5. Ramiro

    Hola buenas tardes, tengo una tienda en españa concretamente en alicante y me gustaria saber precios para comprar de 10 en 10 diferentes modelo, tambien quiero saber la garantia y que telefonos me reocmiendas ahora mismo

    1. Kris

      Hola, yo no soy un vendedor. Si usted quiere comprar teléfonos, se puede visitar la tienda en línea Fastcardtech. Para visitar su sitio web, haga clic aquí.

  6. Piotr

    I have a question: do you recommend ? Because I read a lot of negative opinions and that they are scams. I want to buy Zhijan D1, when avaible

    1. Kris

      Hello Piotr! I am a frequent customer of Fastcardtech. All my transactions from them have been successful. The usual complain of some customers is the poor English language ability of their customer service agents, leading to miscommunication and dissatisfaction. So if you’re planning to buy from them, use simple English. But overall, I recommend Fastcardtech. They actually have the lowest prices among the online shops.

  7. bőjti róbert

    Az lenne a kérésem hogy miért nem lehet kapni umi s1-hez
    akkumlàtort sehol nem lehet rendelni meg sokat fagyogat

  8. Andrew

    Hello Kris, the specifications on ZOPO ZP990 Captain S states that it supports GPS and A-GPS without mentioning if it also support GLONASS. I found out on two other websites that it also support GLONASS as well. I was wondering if this is true or not. If it is true, then there should be a GLONASS receiver module built into the smartphone. Can you confirm from your sources if this is true please?

    1. Kris

      Hi Andrew! I have not found any information about ZOPO ZP990 Captain S supporting GLONASS. The official website of ZOPO also did not mention GLONASS support.

  9. אייל

    קריס שלום,

    ראשית כל הכבוד על האתר היפה והמקצועי שלך …כל הכבוד !

    אשמח לעזרתך אני מעוניין לקנות מכשיר עם מצלמה אחורית של 8MP עם פלאש ומצלמה קידמית של לפחות 1MP

    כמו כן גודל מסך של 4.5 או 4.7 אינץ מאיכות טובה

    שהמכשיר יתמוך בעברית וגם תפריטים בעברית

    ושעוצמת השמע שלו תהיה טובה גם באוזנייה ( למשל שמעתי ב- THL W100 יש בעיית שמע באוזנייה )

    וחשוב שיהיה מכשיר אמין וחזק לא משהו שמתקלקל מהר

    התקציב שלי נע בין 500- 600 ש”ח עם עדיפות למחיר כמה שיותר זול.

    אני מכיר את האתר הזה שעלות המכשיר כוללת משלוח לישראל

    אם יש לך אתר אחר מומלץ ואמין אשמח לדעת

    אודה לעזרתך


    1. Kris

      אתה יכול לבדוק את הטלפונים האלה:
      Jiayu G4T
      Jiayu G3T
      Newsmy Newman N2
      XiaoLaJiao LA-Q1
      Xiaocai X9
      Mysaga M1

      המלצתי חנויות בדפים אלה, פשוט לחצו על הקישורים כדי לבקר בחנויות מקוונות אלה.

      דרישת שלום

  10. Vankov

    Моля, препоръчайте ми телефон – надежден, бърз и с добър дисплей. RAM 1 GB. С нова операционна система. Размер на дисплея 4″; 4.3″; 4.5″ .
    Аз ще съм благодарен за вашия съвет!

    1. Kris

      Здравейте, можете да проверите тези телефони:
      Xiaomi Mi2S
      Xiaomi Mi2A
      Jiayu G3T
      Lenovo S750
      Xiaocai X9
      Mysaga M1

  11. vitali

    I would like to order 2 phones Thl W200. Will discount&

    1. Kris

      Hello! If you want to buy ThL W200, please visit the recommended online shops Fastcardtech or TMart.

  12. chan yew meng

    Hi,I am interested in buying the inew i6000. How is this phone? I had never use a China hand phone before. I read some review on this phone said that the volume of this phone is very soft and the battery indicator is not very accurate? If I want to buy which website should I buy from ? Thanks.

    1. Kris

      Hello! The volume of this phone may not be too loud but it is still decent. You can download battery apps if you want a better battery indicator. I recommended some online shops here in my website. All of them are genuine and reliable shops. You can visit all of them and decide which one is the best for you.

  13. Ingrid de Klein

    Hallo Kris,

    I have buyed a cubot one, it looks very nice, but the doesn’t install my simcard?
    What can I do??? Is there a simlock on the Phone?

    Greetings from,

    1. Kris

      Hello! Cubot One is unlocked. Have you tried putting another simcard?

  14. Ross arie

    hi kris
    1) is neken 6 know to get hebrew language ?

    2) the cheapest place to buy it now is FOCALPRICE 189.99$

    thank you

    1. Kris

      Hi! I’m not sure if it supports Hebrew language. Anyway, the seller can install Hebrew language upon your request. Yes, I believe FocalPrice has the cheapest price for Neken N6 for now. You can visit their website here: FocalPrice

  15. TANER

    hello sir, could you help me please to by an android phone zopo zp 980 . where in romania i can find this phone as chipest as well.

    1. Kris

      Hi! I don’t know if you can find it in Romania. You can buy it online. The cheapest place you can buy it is at Fastcardtech. To visit their website, click here.

  16. rod

    Looking back on 2013 what 5 inch phone around $200 would you recommend?

    1. Kris

      Hi! I recommend the following phones: ThL W200, Haipai P6s, ZOPO ZP980+, ZOPO C2, FAEA F2S, and Neken N6.

  17. Jan

    Hello Kris,
    where to get the official ROM for newman K2 2G/32G. The original is damaged, the phone will not start.
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Kris

      Hi! Try searching at They have ROM downloads there. You can also search it on Google.

  18. Waqar haider

    Hi Kris,I have a question for you.Have you used G’five’s G11(octacore)?If you have used it,then please tell me about its performance,display and camera quality.Thanks.

    1. Kris

      Hi! Sorry I have not tried it yet. I’m hoping someone would share their experiences with this phone here.

  19. ali

    have a good day

    I’ll take a phone

    I could not decide

    which do you think

    dust does not get into

    elephohe p8 and jiayu g5

    1. Kris

      Hi! I recommend Jiayu G5. But Elephone P8 also has good specs so just choose according to your preferred specs.

  20. mulyadi

    hi, I am from Indonesia, may I buy a cell phone with you … Jiayu G2F? how to ..?

    1. Kris

      Hi! You can buy this phone from the online shops I recommended. Click below to visit their website:

  21. Petr

    Hi i want to ask if phone can send cash on delivery. I dont have a good experiense in the payment in advance before thanks for the reply

    1. Kris

      Hi! Sorry I do not sell phones. If you want to buy the phones shown in my website, you can visit the online shops I recommended in my posts.

  22. Davide

    Hi Kris
    I am looking for Xiaocai X800 battery but I don’t find it anywhere.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you and compliments for your site



    1. Kris

      Hello, please visit the online shops I recommended in this website. They also sell phone parts like batteries.

  23. Lin

    I am looking to possibly purchase a touchscreen for my lenovo A766 cell.
    Any info would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for any info.
    Regards, lin

    1. Kris

      Hello, try checking Banggood and Gearbest. They usually sell phone parts.

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